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Chihuahua Terrier Mix

Guide to Choosing a Chihuahua Terrier Mix

With each being a member of the toy or small dog breed, it is understandable that there would be a Chihuahua terrier mix breed.  There are actually several hybrid species, due to the fact there are several varieties of terrier breeds.

Hybrid dog species are crosses between two different breeds.  The breeding is usually in response to the appeal of the dogs to the general population, which has led the resulting dogs to be called designer dogs.  The best of the hybrid breeds are puppies that result from two pureblood dogs of different breeds.  The more qualified and experienced breeders choose their dogs carefully, matching characteristics, features and temperaments so as to breed a puppy that is stable and healthy.  Less scrupulous breeders that are attempting to cash in on a popularity craze will resort to less safe methods; concentrating more on the money they can make rather than the welfare of the puppy and the ensuing heartbreak that a defective pet can bring.

The most popular crosses with the toy breed Chihuahua are:

Terrier Breed Hybrid Result Characteristics:

These are the hybrid crosses that are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Dog Association, and that are most commonly seen as pets.

Chihuahuas are very intelligent dogs.  It is believed that they originated from the Fennec Fox many years ago, and that the large eyes and ears along with the small frame are reminders of that heredity.  They can have either short or long coats, both of which require minimal grooming, and are very loyal.  They can be a little headstrong, and need to be reminded who the master of the home really is.

As can be seen, there are many species of terrier dogs.  Each possesses certain traits that are similar and amenable to those of a Chihuahua, which makes them good candidates for a 50-50 cross between the pureblood breeds.  Most of the terrier breeds have been used in their history for flushing out rodents and small creatures, and therefore do have an independent nature.  The shorter haired species require little grooming, but the longer coats such as the Yorkshire terrier wears needs to be brushed regularly to avoid tangles.  All of the terriers need to undergo obedience training.

The similarities of characteristics, temperaments and physical features between the two breeds indicate that the Chihuahua and terrier mix hybrids should be compatible.  The most successful and healthy hybrids result from breeding only pureblood breeds to ensure lineage, which should assure true traits.  A good breeder will have proof of parentage for both the sire and dam; an essential element when purchasing a hybrid.  The dangers of obtaining hybrid puppies from those who cannot guarantee the lineage are health issues that can prove to be tragic.  Aberrant parentage passed off as a pureblood breed can also result in puppies with bad temperaments.

Hybrid species of dogs are not recognized by the AKC, but can be great choices as pets when they are produced by experienced and knowledgeable breeders.  Taking the time to research the type of Chihuahua and terrier mix you wish for a pet and finding a good breeder will likely result in a great match for a pet.

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