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What Is It That Makes A Deer Chihuahua Different?

If you look into the AKC Standards for the Chihuahua breed, you'll discover that the Deer Chihuahua does not meet those standards, and consequently is not an AKC recognized breed. This particular type of Chihuahua cannot be entered in shows that are sponsored by the AKC. Neither can a Jack Russell terrier however, and lots of people love the Jack Russell, so don't feel bad if your Chihuahua happens to be a Deer Chihuahua.

A Different Looking Chihuahua

Just what is it that's wrong with the Deer Chihuahua, or Deer Chi?  There's really nothing the matter. The primary reason it doesn't meet the AKC Standard is it doesn't have an apple-shaped head. The Deer Chi's head is not apple-shaped, but is shaped like that of a deer, with a sloped forehead, and a somewhat pointed jaw and muzzle, hence the name. In fact, given the way its ears stick out, it's surprising the dog isn't called a Mule Deer Chihuahua. This particular Chihuahua is also taller and heavier than your typical Chihuahua. Its legs are quite a bit longer, as long as the animal itself.  That shouldn't make too much of a difference if you want one as a pet, except it won't fit into the inner pocket of a jacket, or into a purse, as a toy Chihuahua will. A Chihuahua meeting the AKC Standard will weigh under 6 pounds, a Deer Chi can weigh as much as 20! The standard Chihuahua is a tiny small dog, the Deer Chi is a rather large small dog.

If you want a great pet and aren't interested in winning show ribbons, this might just be the right Chihuahua for you. It wouldn't be completely accurate to say the Deer Chi has none of the shortcomings generally associated with Chihuahuas. It does have a few of the health issues normally associated with Chihuahuas, but not all of them. The health issues experienced by many Apple head Chihuahuas has been bred into them, and this isn't the case with the Deer Chi. There are those that tell you that the Deer Chi is more like what the standard Chihuahua once looked like before those who are fond of very selective breeding got into the act.

Super Temperament

Temperamentally, the Deer Chi is in many respects the exact opposite of the typical Chihuahua. Most Chihuahuas are not especially friendly towards other dogs, or other household pets. This is generally not true with the Deer Chi. Chihuahuas are somewhat notorious in regards to their attitude towards children, especially small children. Children are seen as competitors for attention, something your average Chihuahua cannot stand. The Deer Chihuahua is not like that at all. The Deer Chi is known for behaving well around children, and in fact seems to enjoy their company. The Deer Chi is a very social pet.

The Deer Chi goes quite far back in history, and is believed by many to be more like the ancient breed, than are the Chihuahuas that have been bred to meet the AKC Standard. One interesting theory regarding the Deer Chi is this.  Whereas many, if not most dog breeds, are descended from wolves, the Chihuahua is more closely related to the fox, and is in fact, the only breed of dog whose ancestor is the fox.

A Training Tip

The Deer Chi makes a very loyal and affectionate pet, and as its owner you will be the center of its world. In training a Chihuahua you have to be very careful and gentle when reprimanding it, not only because of its small size, but because if you reprimand it too harshly, the sense of trust the dog has in you may be lost. The best way to train any dog for that matter, is to praise and reward it when it does right, instead of  trying to correct it every time it does something wrong. The Chi seems to respond well to clicker training, perhaps more so than most breeds, although no one seems to know just why that is the case. It might be best to keep in mind the fact that to a Chihuahua, you look like a giant, so it's always best to be a gentle giant. If you yell at a Lab, it may simply wag its tail. If you yell at a Beagle, it may ignore you and follow its nose to somewhere else. If you yell at a Chihuahua, you may be taken very seriously, too seriously in fact.

Get Two Of Them

The other thing to bear in mind when considering having a Chihuahua as a pet is that they definitely can't be left alone for an extended period of time, and in the case of this breed, that extended period is in the neighborhood of 4 hours. If you need to leave your pet alone all day while you go to work, either don't get a Chihuahua, or get two of them, and maybe even three. Problem solved. A final note: Of all the dog breeds, the Chihuahua probably has the longest life span. Buy a Deer Chihuahua puppy, and take good care of it, and it could be your loyal companion for up to 20 years.




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