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Hairless Chihuahua

Facts On The Hairless Chihuahua

The hairless Chihuahua is considered a very rare breed of dog. They usually are not found at the local pet store and you may have to search for one of these types of dogs and have it delivered to you. Some people claim that the hairless Chihuahua isn’t considered a Chihuahua at all and the dog actually belongs to the xoloitzcuintli breed.  The correct name for this dog is said to be the Mexican hairless Chihuahua.

This dog was taken to from Asia and delivered to Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors. In Mexico it was referred to as a Chihuahua because it resembled the dog so much. To this day, people still call the dog a Mexican hairless Chihuahua. This breed is much larger then an average Chihuahua but because it has a toy variety, this type of dog is confused with the average Chihuahua.

It is said that a true hairless Chihuahua only happens for two reasons. The first being, because it has had a skin disorder that has caused patchy or all over, permanent hair loss. The second is thought to be from a genetic defect. This is called alopecia and it is directly related to over breeding. The breeder will try to produce puppies that have a specific type of coat or color. By over breeding, the puppies eventually will have a genetic defect causing the hair loss. So the hairless Chihuahua is not considered a natural type of the Chihuahua breed. It is also not fit to be shown in competitive dog shows.

The Chihuahua is a playful dog that has a lot of extra energy. It is a great companion dog and despite the size, it can even make a wonderful watch dog. If you were thinking about purchasing any type of Chihuahua, you should learn about the dog’s temperament and what it needs to be happy and healthy.

If you have a larger family with toddlers or smaller children, than the hairless Chihuahua might not be the right dog for you. Smaller children may accidentally hurt the dog by trying to play with it and the little dogs can scare easily. Once they have been injured, they are known to carry grudges and this can cause future problems with the behavior of the dog. They can become aggressive and withdrawn and they will also start to bite anyone who is near to them when they become scared. These little dogs are fragile and must be handled with care.

The Chihuahua has a tendency to be very protective of the entire family. This can also cause behavioral problems. The dog can become aggressive and downright mean with any stranger that it comes in contact with. This includes excessive barking and biting. It helps to familiarize the pet with people you come in contact with on a regular basis. It can also help to schedule a daily walk for the dog, so that it becomes used to being around other people and animals.

Exercise is essential for the Chihuahua. This is great for the mental and physical health of the dog. As the Chihuahua gets older, it can have weight issues if it is not allowed to exercise everyday. It can also become bored and lazy. One of the things that contribute to aggressive behavior is a lack of exercise, so make sure that you play with the dog and keep plenty of toys near the bedding area.

If you live in a smaller house or apartment, this dog is an excellent choice. It does not need a big area to move around in but you can place some bedding or even a small crate for the dog to retreat to if he needs to rest. Include toys and a comfortable place to sleep and make sure the dog isn’t disturbed when he goes there.

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