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Maltese Chihuahua

Importance of Adequate Training for Maltese Chihuahua

The importance of adequately training the maltese chihuahua cannot be over emphasized as this breed is one of the most fantastic and greatly interesting of all the small toy breeds. Understanding that the maltese chihuahua is a combination of both the maltese and the chihuaha, a prospective owner must take both personalities into consideration. The maltese chihuahua is considered courageous, lively, but slightly difficult to train, especially in the obedience region. The maltese chihuahua mixes are vastly intelligent and should pick up on socialization and other training skills quite easily. A very loyal breed, these lively little dogs are sometimes known as the little big dogs.

When selecting a maltese to allow for a family pet, please keep in consideration that these breeds mix well with older, better-behaved children. Before selecting a maltese, the family needs and concerns should be taken in consideration. There is nothing more sad or senseless as bringing home a tiny chihuahua mix only to have the pet turn into a nightmare scenario. This is why a family meeting is so necessary, so that every member of the family knows what is expected of each and everyone, for the care and upbringing, of this lively little toy dog. With research and a great training regiment, the maltese chihuaha will be a loyal pet that the entire family will enjoy and love!

As any other dog mix, when given a bone, most maltese chihuahua breeds will find an area in the yard to bury it for later consumption. This has been the basis for many humorous stories about a maltese mix that involves a bone and carpeted areas. Any dog that is about to join a family as a pet, should have at least a few feet of green grass in which to do their business and bury the bones in. The best part about having a maltese chihuaha is that the pet does not shed and that makes for a fantastic and easy to maintain little doggy!

These little toy dog mixes will be severely loyal to the one owner that they trust and see as their master. It does not matter if a couple purchased the toy mixed together as only one will be selected by the maltese as the master. This is part of a bond issue for many toy mixes and should not be seen as anything but that. Small dogs have very small stomachs and this is why many are very sensitive to strange and unusual food items. Being that the maltese mix has a very poor digestive track, the fragility of this, makes the rule of no table scraps a priority! A good low-fat dog food mixed with some calcium for a shiny coat and bone structure is a great choice for the maltese chihuahua of mix!

Make certain that the maltese chihuahua mix is given enough time and space before being introduced to the entire family. The breed has a propensity to nip at the hands of little children if not properly and carefully acclimated to the children.

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