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Mini Chihuahua

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Mini Chihuahua

In the last several years, the mini Chihuahua has become more popular thanks to the fact that many celebrities carry them around as an accessory. This tiny dog typically weighs in at about one to two pounds.

While some think that there are obvious advantages of having such a small pet, others realize that there are also some problems with owning a mini Chihuahua that should be considered before making a decision to get one. Below are some of the pros and cons.

The Pros

Apartment Living

If you live in an apartment, especially a small apartment, and want a dog, it makes sense to find a small furry companion.  While a mini Chihuahua certainly fits the bill, there are other factors to consider besides size when looking for the perfect apartment dog.

You should also consider activity level and how much noise the dog tends to make. While most mini Chihuahuas will do fine as apartment dogs, some of them tend to be yippy, which can be very annoying to neighbors. The dog can usually be trained to curb this behavior.

Lower Every Day Cost

Another benefit of owning a small dog versus a larger dog is that the cost of routine care tends to be lower. This includes food, grooming, flea control and other items and services that are needed on a regular basis to care for your pet.


As mentioned earlier, one reason these dogs are so popular now is that celebrities have been seen carrying them around. Mini Chihuahua’s are very portable. You can carry them in a bag with you in most stores and you have a much better chance of being allowed to fly with your mini Chihuahua than with a larger dog.

The Cons

Initial Cost

The cost to purchase a mini Chihuahua from a breeder or pet store can be a bit high for some. Another option is to find a rescue group that specializes in this dog. While they will still usually charge an adoption fee, it will be much lower than the price of purchasing.

Health Cost

While the day to day cost of caring for a mini Chihuahua may be lower than for larger dogs, the cost of health care may be much higher. Mini Chihuahuas tend to have a lot of health problems.  These include thyroid and breathing issues and well as some joint problems. Of course, not every mini Chihuahua is going to have such problems, but the breed does have a higher chance of developing them than do some other breeds.

Frequent Potty Breaks

Because the mini Chihuahua is so small, they typically require very frequent potty breaks.  The good news is that if you cannot be available to let your tiny dog out every hour or two, you can train her to use puppy pads. Even if she does have the occasional accident, it is a much smaller mess to clean up than what would be left by some other breeds.

As with any type of dog, the mini Chihuahua comes with both good and bad. This dog is not the best choice for everyone, but many find years of joy in owning this tiny little bundle.

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