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Papillon Chihuahua

The Papillon Chihuahua - One Cute Dog

The Papillon Chihuahua is not a pure breed of dog but rather is a mix of two purebreds, the Papillon, and the Chihuahua. Both breeds are small, the Chihuahua being the smallest of the recognized dog breeds, and the Papillon, a toy dog, is not a great deal larger. This hybrid pooch, the Papillon Chihuahua, or Chion, is quite a handsome little dog, and as might be expected, takes on both the physical qualities and the temperament of its parent breeds.

A Royal Little Spaniel - The Papillon, is a toy spaniel, probably most famous as the choice of a lap dog for royalty. Though small, the Papillon is in every sense of the word a spaniel, sharing the cherry temperament and accommodating personality so common to the spaniel breeds. This friendly little dog stands 8 to 11 inches high at the shoulders, and is usually slightly longer. A typical weight is 8 to 11 pounds, slightly more, though not much more, than the Chihuahua. The Papillon has a short, rather sharply pointed muzzle, but its most noticeable characteristic is the ears, large like a butterfly's and no doubt having much to do with the name of the breed, papillon being French for butterfly.

A Little Dog That Thinks Big - The Papillon is sometimes described as a big dog in a little package, while the Chihuahua is known as a pint-sized dog with a macho streak. The combination of the two, the Papillon Chihuahua is, in other words, small but all dog. Where the Papillon has a rather regal manner, the Chihuahua can often best be described as cocky. Both breeds, though tough and brave to the extreme, are fragile animals, and the Papillon Chihuahua is as well, and must be handled with some care. For that reason, this hybrid is not considered a good match for small children who could mishandle and injure it. The dog is obviously a great companion and lap dog for elderly people, and is a wonderful pet to have in an apartment, though like both of its parents, it will have a tendency to bark.

Fine For Indoors - Although basically an indoors pet, the Papillon Chihuahua will enjoy and benefit from an outdoors stroll, but a daily walk isn't necessary to keep the dog in good health, and it is best being indoors during extremes in weather in any case. Having this little dog in the house constantly isn't too apt to cause problems for allergy sufferers, or at least that's the reputation it has. Training a Chion is often devoted mainly to potty training, and teaching the dog not to bark excessively. Training the dog to socialize is also important, or it may become shy and less friendly that one would want. Shyness around strangers is a common trait, but the little dog usually warms up to strangers fairly quickly.

The Chion does not require extensive grooming, except the hair in its large triangular ears needs to be brushed often enough to keep it from matting. The Chion's coat consists of short hair through which medium length wiry hair grows.

Not Generally Disease Prone - The Papillon Chihuahua is a relatively disease free hybrid breed. It may suffer from weak knees, and like the Chihuahua, can at times suffer from eye problems. This due to its having large eyes, which are normally in close proximity to the ground.

The Papillon Chihuahua is not a particularly well known breed, but reading up on the Chihuahua and the Papillon can give one a fair idea as to what one might expect from one of these delightful little dogs. It it's a toy dog you're looking for, this would certainly be an excellent candidate.

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