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Rat Terrier Chihuahua

Fun Facts About The Rat Terrier Chihuahua And Hybrid Dogs

Hybrid dogs like the rat terrier Chihuahua are a recent phenomena (within the past decade), and a welcome one.  The hybrids offer more options for families wishing to add a canine member to their clan.  The hybrid concept grew in popularity as a response to the tragedy of puppy mills, somewhat unscrupulous companies that put out large quantities of single breed dogs strictly for the money, in the process breeding in health issues such as bone deformities and vision problems.

Hybrid dogs tend to have more mellow personalities. And they require less grooming then purebreds.  It’s like getting a shelter dog and purebred in one.  The shelter dogs, known for their great and grateful personality, usually unaffected by diseases so common in purebreds, and then the unique appearance of the breed that happens to be your favorite, all rolled into one.

The rat terrier Chihuahua hybrid is one of the cutest little dogs, but not too little.  This calms the fears of those who would be reluctant to keep a Chihuahua because of its fragility.

One rat terrier Chihuahua has become a bona fide celebrity.  She got a job as a police drug-sniffing dog. At seven pounds and only 9 months, Midge was as mellow as could be and smart as a whip.  The sheriff in a town in Ohio came up with the idea for the tiny drug sniffer when he noticed a German shepherd having a hard time turning around in a car searching for drugs.  While he admits that Midge won’t be a crowd controller or search and rescue dog, she is a perfect single purpose police dog, used only for drug sniff outs.

And, she is a wonderful social ambassador.

People love her everywhere she goes.  It took the force some getting used to, perhaps a bit threatened with their macho reputations. But the sheriff explained that he was secure enough to carry around the cute little rat terrier Chihuahua mix without any threat to his male ego.  A good role mode, don’t you think?

Several years since the initial story on the evening news about Midge, she is still on the force and has made it into the Guinness book of world records for the smallest police dog ever.  She is a great friend of her big bad German Sheppard co-workers when they aren’t out on operations.

A rat terrier Chihuahua is an interesting hybrid dog. Because both Chihuahuas and terriers are a bit on the busy side, this is not a dog for someone who plans to live in a Zen monastery.

However, the rat terrier is known as the mellow counterpart to the Jack Russell terrier.  And it is every bit as adorable. Chihuahua’s have an unearned reputation as noisy or yippy, but the most likely reason for this is environmental factors – usually inattentive human caretakers.  Any dog can be mellow when given the love and care it needs. This hybrid, also called a Rah-Cha, is no dummy either. How many other dogs do you know that have a full time job?

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