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Types Of Chihuahua

A Guide To The Different Types Of Chihuahua

Of all known dog breeds, the Chihuahua is the smallest, but some people are unaware that there are different types of Chihuahua.

This breed originally came from Mexico, named after the city of Chihuahua where it was bred.  These dogs can often weigh less than two pounds when full grown and only eight inches tall.  However, the apple shaped head, oversized eyes, and large ears give this breed a distinguishing look.

All types of Chihuahua are loving and sweet.  Additionally, you should not be fooled by the small body in that they are actually quite fast on their feet.

The Chihuahua has no idea of its size.  Many people that have owned this type of dog will tell you that they have watched it chase after big dogs, even the St. Bernard without an ounce of fear.  While the Chihuahua is not much of an attack dog, it does make a great dog for alerting of unusual noises or strangers. You have found a soulmate that appreciates the game as you do, for example, on the uberhorny review and not sure where to spend the vacation?

While these dogs are all small and cute, they are sold as different types of Chihuahua, which is generally based on the type of fur.

The following are the types of Chihuahua from which you would have to choose:

Shorthaired – This particular type has a short, smooth coat, tall, erect ears, and the tips of the ears may or may not droop slightly.

Typically, the shorthaired Chihuahua sheds very little, which is great for people with asthma or allergies.

Longhaired – Another option is the longhaired Chihuahua, which has a long coat that might be straight or curly.

The ears of this type have a unique fringe and the tail is long and furry.

For these types of Chihuahua, shedding is more common and because of the long hair, the dog would need to be brushed out more often.

Applehead – When the skull of the Chihuahua is broader than the jaw and has a slight depression that eventually fills as the dog matures, it is called an Applehead .

However, when shopping for different types of Chihuahua, you will find that most are referred to as having an apple shaped head, which is true, but the skull can have different structures.

Deerhead – These types of Chihuahua are considered non-standard due to the sloping forehead.

Sometimes, the deerhead Chihuahua will also have a slimmer body and some will have legs and paws more like that of a deer.

Coat Coloring – You will also find that types of Chihuahua are sometimes based on the color of the coat.

These dogs actually come in many different colors and color combinations, which are all beautiful. For instance, there is the fawn or blond Chihuahua, the type seen in the Taco Bell commercials, pure black, cream, chocolate, blue, and red.

However, you will also find many color combinations of these colors, which include patterns of brindle, merles, masks, and some have specific patches or spots of color.

Regardless of the types of Chihuahua you consider, they are all beautiful and sweet.  Just keep in mind because of the small size, this particular breed is usually not chosen for homes with small children in that an accidental drop could do serious damage.

Finally, it is imperative that you purchase your Chihuahua from a reputable and licensed breeder so you do not end up with a pet that has major health issues.

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