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Chihuahua Behavior

Facts About Chihuahua Behavior

The Chihuahua is known for being a smaller, friendly dog but sometimes chihuahua behavior can become aggressive and disobedient. This can be from a poor diet, lack of exercise or lack of attention from the owner. Biting, barking and snapping at people are all considered as negative chihuahua behavior. If your dog is displaying any of these things, you can try to pinpoint what is causing it.

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog in the world and they rarely weigh over six pounds. They come in a variety of different colors that include white, brown, orange and red. They can be multi colored and they can also have white patches anywhere on the chest and stomach area. Although they are the smallest type of dog, they may not think so. They make excellent watch dogs but sometimes they exhibit chihuahua behavior that isn’t acceptable. The reasons for the bad behavior can vary.

If a chihuahua is placed in a home with a big family, it will try to bond with every person. The dog usually does not choose just one person as the owner. Instead, he will consider all family members as his owners and he will become protective of everyone. This is one way the dog can start to become aggressive. He may growl and bark if someone knocks on the door or he can try to attack the mailman if he is outside. This type of loyalty sets Chihuahuas apart from other types of dogs.

Another thing that can change chihuahua behavior is children. Families that have toddlers or small children should not choose a chihuahua as a pet. Children can accidentally hurt or injure the small dog, while trying to play with it. These dogs should never be overpowered or intimidated. This scares these dogs considerably and when they are scared they will become aggressive. They will growl and bite at anything that scares them and this includes children. It can also take quite some time for the little dog to get over being fearful once an accident has occurred.

Other pets within the household can also upset the chihuahua. This breed can have a problem living with other dogs because they have to share the love and affection of the owners. They can also be very jealous when it comes to other animals and they may growl and snap at them too. The chihuahua generally does not like being around other animals, especially if they are bigger than him.

There are a few things you can do to curb aggressive chihuahua behavior. It can be a good idea to get a puppy instead of a full grown dog. You can raise the puppy and get it used to family members and other animals within the home. Never leave the puppy in a cage or crate for long periods of time. Before you purchase the puppy, make sure that you are able to give it plenty of attention and exercise. You can schedule a walk everyday at the same time and the new pup can get used to the surroundings.

This dog should never be left outside alone for a long period of time. The cold or extreme heat can actually hurt the dog and since it is so small other animals may try to attack it. The dog should be kept inside at all times, unless it is supervised by a person.

The chihuahua can easily hyperventilate when it becomes excited and this is not good for the health of the dog. If this happens you can cover the dog’s mouth a little so that it inhales a bit of carbon dioxide back into the lungs to slow down the process. You can also pinpoint why the dog has become so excited and try to avoid that activity in the future.

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