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Chihuahua Pregnancy

Things You Should Know about Chihuahua Pregnancy

Chihuahua pregnancy may be a frightening thing for you if your dog has never had puppies before.  With the size of Chihuahuas, some people worry about the pregnancy and how it is going to play out.   You can ease some of this stress by begin prepared.  This article will help you get more prepared so that you will be able to help your dog through this process.

There are a few things that you should look for if you are concerned about Chihuahua pregnancy.  You will be starting to notice some of the signs that will warn you that you are going to have new puppies.  You will notice that your dog is very lethargic and appears to be sad and tired.  The Chihuahua will also grow a large stomach very quickly and it is going to become very hard.  The dog’s nipples will also become large and she will be spending a lot of time cleaning herself.  This is called nesting.

It is very important to find a vet that will help you along with the chichuahua pregnancy.  The delivery can be very difficult for your dog so you will most likely need to take her to the vet in order to deliver.  Talk to your vet about completing an ultrasound in order to determine how many puppies are going to be born.  This is going to help you prepare for the puppies as well.

Spend some time looking around your house and finding a quiet place for your dog to rest.  You are going to find out that she wants to be left alone. You can find a location in your house that is very quiet and place blankets in that room.  It is best to create a quiet and comfortable place for your dog to rest and relax.  She is going to be getting ready for the big day just as much as you are.

You are generally going to know when the babies are going to be born because your dog’s temperature will drop.  You can always talk to your vet about this so that he or she can explain to you how to take your dogs temperature.  Typically, when the temperature drops below 100 degrees you will have puppies within 24 hours.  Your vet may recommend that you take your dog in to the office at this time.

There are a few things about a Chihuahua pregnancy that you are going to want to watch out for.  These are warning signs that something is wrong.  The first thing that will alarm you that something is wrong is if your dog has been pregnant longer than 70 days.  Second, you should be alarmed if it has been longer than 24 hours since your dogs temperature has dropped.  Next, only one puppy has been delivered within a two hour period.  Finally, you know that your Chihuahua is a lot of pain.  If you are not already at the vet’s office, you will want to get to one as soon as possible.

A Chihuahua pregnancy is not something new.  This breed of dog has been having puppies for a really long time.  Therefore, you know that it is possible for your dog to deliver her puppies and be healthy and happy.  You should prepare yourself for the delivery day and make sure that you have talked to your vet.  You can always leave your dog at home for the delivery if you are an experienced breeder.  But, if this is all new to you, you will want to seek assistance.  The most important thing is for your dog to be healthy and safe.

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