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Chihuahua Pug

Facts about the Chihuahua Pug

Hybrid dog breeds have become quite the trend, with combinations of popular purebred dog breeds creating mixes such as the Chihuahua pug.  Blending appearances, characteristics and features of two different breeds to form a hybrid breed can result in a made to order pet.

The Chihuahua is a member of the toy dog category according to the American Kennel Club Association.  They are found to be very intelligent dogs and easy to train, as well as being very easy animals to maintain.  The dogs can be either short haired or long haired, but either type requires the minimum of grooming.  In size, the ideal Chihuahua weighs under 6 pounds; slightly longer than they are tall from shoulder to rear.  They are very popular dogs, appealing in their pert expressions and their lively manner.  People commonly refer to the Chihuahua as being a “purse dog” due to their size as well as their portrayal in the media.

Pugs have also found their share of fame in the spotlight as well as being popular pets.  Also in the toy dog category, pugs have a more substantial body style than that of the Chihuahua.   The breed has been in existence for a very long time; known to be one of the oldest of all dog breeds with documentation extending back to approximately 400 B.C.  One feature that is especially endearing to the pug is that of its incredibly loyal nature; living almost solely to please its master.  Wearing a short coat that needs little grooming, the pug can adapt to living in most any type of housing.  Small enough to be happy in apartment living, it is also playful enough to enjoy a romp in a spacious backyard.   Their typical weight ranges right around 12 to 14 pounds for an adult pug.

Similarities between the two dog breeds are few, bringing less reliability to the breeding of the Chihuahua pug. In appearance, each has prominent, slightly bulging eyes and is short in stature.   That is where the resemblance ends.  Chihuahuas have pointed muzzles with erect ears, while pugs feature blunt muzzles with soft, short floppy ears.  The tails are equally different; medium sized and upright for Chihuahuas, while short and curled for the pug.  The head of the pug is large and squat, in opposition to the apple shaped head of the Chihuahua.  Neither breed requires a great deal of exercise due to their diminutive size.

Appearance aside, temperaments play a large role in a pet’s desirability.  The pug is a loving, playful dog that retains a dignity and charm in its jaunty manner.  They are very even tempered animals, who adore their masters and willingly follow them everywhere they go.  The Chihuahua is also playful, but with a one minded independence that can often get them into trouble.  They can be a handful while training, with their impudent nature domineering over the love of their master.

Chihuahua pug.  When the cross equates to a 50% purebred to 50% purebred, the characteristics of both parents are presented, but can be unevenly distributed.   Some of the puppies may carry the stocky build of the pug, while others may feature the lithe body of the Chihuahua.  If appearance is an important factor, it is best to examine the litter before committing to one of these hybrids.  As always, choose a reputable breeder who does not indulge in multi generation breeding for hybrids; a practice that can result in sad and unhealthy pups.

Many people are leaning toward hybrids such as the Chihuahua pug.  Finding a reputable breeder will ensure your dog is healthy and will be a good fit as your family’s pet.

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