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Chihuahua Training

Tips On Chihuahua Training

Bringing a new pet Chihuahua home is exciting, but Chihuahua training can be frustrating. Many people say that training a small dog is, in some ways, more difficult that training a large dog. This is especially true when it comes to housebreaking the dog.

The reason for that is the bladder of a Chihuahua is tiny. While a bigger puppy can go a few hours without going to the bathroom a Chihuahua cannot.  For that reason, when working on Chihuahua training to teach your pet where to go to the bathroom, it is important that you be available to let him outside at least once an hour.

People who have owned larger dogs sometimes try to use the same methods they used with their other pets when dealing with Chihuahua training. This may include leash training. While some forms of leash training may be appropriate when dealing with a tiny dog, anything that involves tugging on or jerking the leash is not. A Chihuahua can be seriously hurt by such actions.

As is true with most dog training, positive reinforcement and reward based training is often the most effective. This allows the dog to learn what he is doing right rather than being punished for doing something “wrong.”

You can certainly try this type of training on your own. It takes a lot of watching as you must catch your dog in the act both doing the right things and doing the wrong things. When the behavior is wrong, say a stern “NO.” Do not yell, hit or get upset as those actions do nothing to further the cause of Chihuahua training.

When you do catch them doing something right such as going to the bathroom outside, or playing with his toys rather than your shoes, reward him with praise or even a small treat.  The dog will learn that appropriate behaviors earn rewards.

If you are having trouble with Chihuahua training on your own, you may want to enroll your pet in an obedience class. This will allow you to learn some basic techniques that will help you in dealing with your dog in a variety of situations.

Obedience classes most often take place in a group setting, so they are not the best choice for dealing with very specific behavior problems. They are, however, great for laying a foundation that will help you deal effectively with your pet.

For Chihuahua training that is dealing with a specific issue, you may want to consider hiring a dog trainer. This will provide one on one training and can address your specific problems. The training can be tailored to your dog’s personality and can be very effective.

When hiring a trainer, you should thoroughly check his credentials. Also, try to talk to a few past clients to see if the results were acceptable and if they lasted after the Chihuahua training was over.

Chihuahua training can be a bit frustrating, but with some patience and the use of proper techniques, you tiny little friend will earn a new nickname: Good dog!

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