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Reindeer Chihuahua

The Reindeer Chihuahua in Review

Reindeer Chihuahuas (Chih-wah-wah) are a cute and recently popular animal among pet owners. Everyone is familiar with the common Chihuahua that either darts in and out playfully or nestles in their owner's lap. They are characterized by their round heads and shorter snouts. One the other hand, Reindeer Chihuahuas has the longer head and a more slender nose with large upright ears.

This breed is native to Mexico and is the smallest and oldest of the canines in North America. The lines of the Reindeer Chihuahua's body also almost exactly like those of the miniature deer. Although they come in a long hair variety, by far the most popular version is the short haired breed.

All Chihuahuas are curious; they make excellent watch dogs as they broadcast the arrival of anyone they see. Because they are somewhat aggressive and do not take poking and/or prodding well, children should be cautious around them. The Reindeer Chihuahua may snap if provoked. They seldom get along with other dogs; they are very jealous and will often shadow their owner. Being aware of their small size Chihuahuas will show fierceness toward enemies many times their size and are certainly as ferocious as a creature that size can be.

Housebreaking is sometimes an issue but on the whole Reindeer Chihuahua is intelligent and learns quickly. They should be bathed about once a month, shampooing too often can lead to rinsing away the dog's natural oils and in turns will dull the animal=s coat. They are considered an excellent dog for city dwellers or apartment residences because they are well suited for the indoors.

They are perfect companions for the elderly, the handicapped and shut ins. Chihuahuas craves attention. They will sit or lay with their owner for hours at a time, they relish being petted and rubbed. They love snuggling, and they will often sleep beneath sheets or blankets too for comfort. They are unmercifully dressed in costumes and frilly clothes for the delight of their master.

Reindeer Chihuahuas are typically high strung. They are frantic and often noisy being overly protective of their domain and their owners. When strangers are around they follow their owner's every move and will yap continuously until the threat is gone. Still the love that they lavish is worth the small annoyances that come with them.

Chihuahua gain weight easily, so take extra care to watch their diet and ensure they get plenty of exercise. They prefer to be feed several small meals instead of one large meal of any quality brand of food as they need no special diet. As active and agile as these dogs are, exercise is generally not a problem but they certainly enjoy daily walks and romps outside.

Despite their names, Reindeer Chihuahuas are hot weather lovers shunning the cold. Care should be taken to them protected from extreme temperature lows. They should not be out in temperatures of less than 35 degrees. Overall, Reindeer Chihuahuas in the correct environment are alert, intelligent and loving animals that grow fiercely attached to their owners and make for an enjoyable pet.

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